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About us

     From the first moment of my life I ve been in everyday contact with dogs.Thanks to my grandparents,as they were breeders themselves.I was about 6 years old,when I first met this breed.One of my grandmother s friends started breeding dalmatians.I got in love with their active,scatty and at the same time considerate and teachable character immediately. 

     I was 8 years old when I got my first dalmatian dog from my grandmother.I still remember my first question when I saw her : Grandma,is it real? :D From the moment we were inseparable.As we were growing together we trianied each other s character.Then I became an adult.I could not wait to become 18 years old and buy my first dalmatian with pedigree.In August 2012 we brought Carlos from Hungary.That was the time when breeding started to shape in my head;we visited different exhibitions. 

     In May 2013 Elis arrived from Czech Republic.The world was in our hands,we travelled around and attended several exhibitions with my mother and our two dogs.In December 22,2013 my life came to a breaking point,my first dalmatian got serious stroke,we took her to the doctor s immediately.Unfortunately her organs stopped functioning,so we decided to put her into sleep.In December 23 we had to say goodbye forever.We had sorrowful Christmas holidays. 

     In January 14,2014 I saw a cute,lovely puppy on the Internet.I felt I had to bring her home.That was Nataly from Italy,who tried to distract my attention from my Pötyi.Two months later after my first dog died,our kennel s name was found inspired by her name.From her Hungarian name Pötyi (Spotty) we became Spotty memories.My first dalmatian dog will stay in my heart forever as a loving memory. 

     Favoured by fortune,in November 2013 Carlos s sister Kira came to us. Years 2014 and 2015 were very busy.We attended many exhibitions.All my dogs were successful. In August 2015 our team s last member,Missy arrived from Russia. 

This is our story.We live for the present and future.Our dogs are first of all family members.Without them my life would be empty. 

     In the future we would like to be successful too; our dogs are doing very well in famous exhibitions.I try to do my very best regarding breeding.Our dogs for breeding are excellent,healthy and they proudly represent their breed.  

     Our puppies are exclusively pedigree dogs; they get to their future owners with a passport,hearing test control,pedigree,appropriate vaccinations,deworming program as well as with a contract.Transport can be managed worldwide.For any further testing or control please let us know your demand and I am absolutely sure that will be able to do anything.


Best regards