On Friday 19.07.2019 our ,,H,, Litter arrived. We have 10puppies, 5boys and 5girls all are black spotted.If you have an interesting about puppies write me, we have some free puppies from this combination.


Daisy Spotty memories : 

31.3.2019 - CACIB Vrsac (SRB) junior class : Exc.1, CAJC, BOB, JBOG, BOG 1.

30.9.2019 - CAC Békéscsaba (HU) junior class : Exc.1, CAJC, BOS 

Daisy finshed Hungarian and Serbian Junior Champion title !!!!!


Diego Spotty memories - junior class : Exc.1,CAJC - he is JUNIOR CHAMPION of SLOVAKIA :)

Amon OfSpotty memories - champion class (3) : Exc.2, Res CAC

Daisy Spotty memories - junior class : Exc.2



Amon Of Spotty memories - champion class (3) : Exc1., CAC, Victory winner

(Photo about Amon is Dalmatian of the year 2018, and he was Best dog in VI.Group 2018)

Daisy Spotty memories - Junior champion class : Exc., CAJC


Francesco Spotty memories - minor puppy class : Very promising 1., Slovak Minor Puppy winner, Puppy BOB !!


Daisy Spotty memories : 2x Excellent 1., 2x CAJC, 1x Best Junior, 1x VG

Stories Of Dreams Alexandra Spoiled Miss champion class : 2x Excellent 1., 1x CAC, 1x CACIB 

Missy is New Grand Champion of Hungary :) 


Francesco Spotty memories : minor puppy class - 3x Very promising 1., 1x BIS BABY 3!!! 

Nico finished his first title : SLOVAKIAN PUPPY CHAMPION :)

Diego Spotty memories : junior class - 3x Excellent 1., 2x CAJC 

Daisy Spotty memories : junior class (3) - 2x Excellent 1., 2x CAJC, 1x Excellent 2.



Daisy Spotty memories : puppy class - Very promising 1, European Future 2018

C.I.B.Stories Of Dreams Alexandra Spoiled Miss : champion class - Excellent

Judge : Mr.Roberto Velez Pico (PR)



National dog show Bratislava (SK) 18.2.2018

Intermediate class : Exc.1,CAC,BOS with this last CAC he is Champion of Slovakia

Victory Show Bratislava (SK) 17.2.2018

Exc.1,CAC - Wictory Junior Winner 

CACIB Nitra (SK) 11.2.2018

Intermediate class : Exc.1,CAC,CACIB,BOB

CACIB Brno (CZ) 4.2.2018

Intermediate class : Exc.1,CAC,CACIB,BOB,BOG2 he finished Junior champion title in CZ.

National dog show Bedzin (PL) 28.1.2018

Intermediate class : Exc.1, CAC,BOB,BOG3 he became champion of Poland



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